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The convenient wireless charger arrives in your furniture

The convenient wireless charger arrives in your furniture

Wireless charging is convenient, simple and doesn’t require cables or adapters. For these reasons, this cutting-edge technology is everywhere, even inside cars.  Can you envision the day when every surface in your home will double as a charger for your phone? Woodie Milano can! We integrate wireless charging inside furniture.

Invisibile is our innovative and efficient wireless charging station that can be incorporated into any furniture such as work desks, tables, bedsides and more. All you need to do is place your smartphone on the surface near the pad and the charging will start immediately upon contact.

It’s the perfect solution for offices, restaurants, hotels and furniture manufacturers that want to set up a wireless charging spot keeping the surface clean and sleek, without creating an annoying clutter of cables!

If you’re a furniture manufacturer

If you are a manufacturer, grab the opportunity to elevate your furniture to a new level of efficiency and functionality integrating our Qi wireless charging Pad.

Invisibile can be seamlessly installed for new furniture simply drilling a hole of 80 mm in diameter into the table and then setting up the wireless charger. The furniture will be delivered set and ready to satisfy all your customers’ charging needs.

If you belong to the hospitality industry

Invisibile, can be integrated not only into new furniture but can also be easily built into existing ones.

If you belong to the hospitality industry and you want to integrate this technology to the tables of your bar or the night stands of your hotel rooms, you can do it effortlessly. Both calling a professional or doing it by yourself. In fact, such a project would require only basic tools and no special skill to carry out. We provide you the tool to make the 80 mm diameter hole into the furniture’s surface. Simply mark where you’d like to install your wireless charger and drill your hole. Then just cover it up with our stylish Invisible Pad.

Now your guests can start to recharge simply placing your smartphones on the surface.

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