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Wireless Charging explained

January 5th, 2018

Wireless charging is so simple it will amaze you

You’ve probably heard something about wireless charging for mobile phones already. More and more devices have come out which support this technology and allow you to charge your phone without cables. You will probably also have heard terms such as Qi, induction and wireless coils. This article will clear your mind. Let’s find out how wireless charging works.

Forget cables, forever

Wireless charging for mobile phones uses a resonant inductive coupling between the sender (the charging station) and the receiver (the mobile device). If your smartphone is compatible with this technology, simply rest your device on top of the wireless charging spot without any additional attachments. How is this possible? Wireless charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer electrical energy to your phone, also called IPT (Inductive Power Transfer).

Once you experienced the freedom granted by the physical separation between the cable and the phone we are sure that you are not going back!

Is wireless charging harmful?

Expert opinions are divided but we here is the truth: the electromagnetic radiation is severely limited. In fact, it exists only in the immediate area of the wireless charging station and only when a device is placed there. The release of electromagnetic rays is further reduced by additional shielding in the sending and receiving coils of the Qi standard.


The big question then becomes: “Can I charge my phone wirelessly?”. Here  you can find a list of all compatibles smartphones. Don’t worry if your mobile phone isn’t on the list. Simply use the wireless charger with the Woodie iPhone Case to enable your smartphone!

Discover all our wireless charging solutions and #gowireless.

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