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Are you a real music lover? Choose the best headphones for your iPhone

Are you a real music lover? Choose the best headphones for your iPhone

Have you recently bought an iPhone and you can’t wait to take advantage of its audio potential buying the best headphones for music on the market? Or have you just lost the earphones you were attached to and are you looking for an alternative? We’ve got you covered! Let's find out what are the best headphones for iPhone.


Lightning headphones

Did you know that starting from the iPhone 7, Apple chose to eliminate the historical 3.5mm audio jack? Now, there’s only one door, the Lightning one. Through it you can not only recharge your smartphone, but also use a range of accessories such as the earphones.

Lightning headphones have many advantages, such as the audio quality: there is a better sound differentiation and a greater resistance to interference. This collector is also more robust, ensuring longevity contrary to the oldest one which was subject to wear and tear.Remember, they’re compatible only with iOS devices, so be ready to drop them out and to buy a new pair of headphones in case you had to switch to Android or Windows Phone.


You must know that there also are adapters that allow you to use your old headphones with your new iPhone, in fact you can find one inside the Apple packaging. So, if you usually use a lot of devices that have different operating systems we suggest you buy standard earphones and use them with the Lightning adapter.

Wireless Headphones

There is a great truth: we all hate wires that tie us to our devices. Woodie Milano can understand you, since we are experts in providing you with wireless solutions. It goes without saying that, according to us, the best solution as regards the best headphones for iPhone is wireless.

There are a lot of benefits: first of all, the incomparable listening comfort in the absence of a physical connection with the source device, as well as the compatibility with most devices and high autonomy; finally, the earphones can be easily recharged via USB. What if your wireless headsets unload in the middle of an important call while you're out and about? Simply connect them to your Woodie Power Bank’s USB port for a boost on-the-go. 

What are the best wireless headphones for iPhone? Apple AirPods, without a doubt! Thanks to the W1 chip, that allows you to instantly associate the headset to the iPhone and to switch from one device Apple to another at any time. Join the wireless world and discover our Wireless chargers collection!

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