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5 essentials to bring always with you on vacation

5 essentials to bring always with you on vacation

Are you a travel lover? Well, here a list of 5 things not to forget while packing.

1. Backpack

If you don’t already have it, it’s time to think about picking one up. You will need something lightweight, easy to carry whatever you need for a day at the beach or a trip in a tourist city. 

2. Reusable water bottle

Pack always with you a reusable bottle (plastic-free) in your carry-on so you can fill it when you want. Bottles like 24 Bottles can stay warm for hours and are great to have at the beach or a day under the sun.

3. A good book

What could be better than a nice book to read during your vacation? Well, find the perfect riveting book which can bring a smile to your face and let you into a relaxed mood.

4. GoPro

It’s becoming a must-have to bring always with you to capture memorable moments.

5. Wireless Power Bank

Don’t fight the “battery anxiety” and bring your Woodie Power Bank. It allows you to charge your phone on-the-go without any cables, wherever and whenever you want. It has also a USB-C port, so you can charge your GoPro or your camera too! What are you waiting for?

Woodie Wireless Power Bank Summer

Don’t leave home without these 5 tips and enjoy your vacation!

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