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7 myths to dispel about Wireless Charging

7 myths to dispel about Wireless Charging

We love wireless charging. It's convenient, simple and doesn't require fumbling with a cord. However, there are people who are still skeptical about embracing this technology. We’re sure you’ve heard some rumors about wireless charging, so we’re here to dispel the most common myths.

1. Wireless charging can harm people through radiation

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by the Qi Wireless Charging System is insignificantly little. Electromagnetic radiation exists only in the immediate area of the Qi wireless charging station and only when a device is placed there.

2. Most phones don't support wireless charging

This used to be true. With Apple finally bringing wireless charging to its iPhone lineup from 2017, this technology is becoming far more widely adopted.

3. Wireless charging is slower than wired

While it’s true that wired charging is undoubtedly the fastest way to juice your phone, wireless chargers have made significant progress over the past couple of years providing fast charging with a higher-wattage outlet adapter.

4. Wireless charging is bad for your phone's battery

Wireless charging may actually be better for your phone’s battery as wear and tear caused by constantly plugging and unplugging in a phone charger are reduced.

5. Wireless charging is dangerous because it can heat up metal and other similar materials

Qi-certified devices come with Foreign Object Detection (FOD) which prevents any electricity or heat from being transmitted between the Qi charger and a not Qi-certified device.

6. You can't use wireless charging with your case

Most Qi chargers are powerful enough to go through the majority of cases on the market. However, you may run into a problem if the case is made of metal or if it has a magnet on the back.

7. Not being able to use your phone while charging is the biggest problem with wireless

It may be true, but not for us! We’ve engineered a Wireless Power Bank which magnetically connects to your smartphone for a fast and fluid wireless charging experience: you can keep on texting, calling or whatever you like while your phone is still charging wirelessly! Click here to buy now your Wireless Power Bank!

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