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5 advantages of using wood: your next favorite building material
Marco Iurilli
5 advantages of using wood: your next favorite building material

It has been around for so long that it should be obvious: the advantages of using wood are many. Wood is both a common and a historical choice as a building material, in this article you can find 5 reasons to use wood as your favorite building material.

1.Environmentally friendly

Wood is the only building material which is environmentally friendly. It is important to remove carbon from the atmosphere as well as reduce new carbon emissions going into the atmosphere, and wood achieves both.

2. Good for the health

Researches identified that the use of wood has measurable physiological and psychological health benefits. For example, it regulates the humidity in a room helping people with respiratory sensitivity, also people are generally less stressed and more productive in spaces that contain natural elements like wood.

3. Durable

Wood it’s widely used for both homes and commercial buildings because it’s resistant to heat, frost, corrosion and pollution. When properly looked after it can last hundreds of years.

4. Natural insulator and energy saver

Wood is a natural insulator due to the air pockets within its cellular structure. In fact it does not expand against heat, on the contrary it dries out and gains strength. This helps to reduce the cost of heating and cooling a building and you can save on bills.

5. Quick to built and cheaper

Comparative studies of the economics of different wall framing systems indicate that, in terms of direct building expenses, wood frames are consistently the most cost-effective solution.

Since wood is the material of today and tomorrow, we decided to use its different shades in our Wireless chargers. Discover here our wood collection.