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Sidekix, the best holiday planner app to bring in your luggage

Sidekix, the best holiday planner app to bring in your luggage

Tired of the same old apps to find directions when you need to get from point A to point B? Do you want more than just going to a place to another in the shortest amount of time?

If you’re looking for a service which offers not only urban navigation on foot but also which highlights interesting places en route to your destination, you should switch to Sidekix!

Create a Personalized Walking Route

The idea behind Sidekix is that there are many ways to get to the same point and sometimes going a different route way can give you a completely different experience.

In fact, Sidekix is a pioneer in the concept of interest-based routing”: just tell the app where you want to go and select your interest, so that Sidekix creates a route that incorporates other locations like cafes and restaurants if you want to grab a bite while you’re walking to your destination!

But what if your smartphone dies in the middle of your walking route? Remember to bring the Woodie Wireless Power Bank with you: to start charging wherever you are (even on-the-go) without annoying cables or adapters!

Whether you’re in your home town or traveling abroad, Sidekix can help you in planning your walking adventure, guiding you to highly-rated attractions according to your needs!

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