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AirPods, the world’s most popular wireless earbuds, are getting even better!

AirPods, the world’s most popular wireless earbuds, are getting even better!

Apple’s AirPods have been extremely successful. Although at first some found them strange-looking or were convinced they would fall out of their ears, they quickly became the in-ear wireless headphone to aspire to. Few days ago, Apple has introduced the first ever update with a handful of new features that make the Apple-designed earbuds better than ever.

The second-generation AirPods includes a wireless charging case, a new H1 chip and “Hey Siri” support to trigger the virtual assistant without pressing a button. There have been no design changes to the AirPods, so they continue to look similar to the standard version, without the cord.


New H1 chip

New AirPods are equipped with an updated H1 chip, which is more powerful and brings connectivity improvements. AirPods now connect more quickly to your devices for an even more hassle-free experience and switching between devices while listening to music is two times faster. The H1 chip supports Bluetooth 5.0, has a better microphone and gives you up to an extra hour of talk time.

Hey Siri

AirPods now support hands-free "Hey Siri" functionality, allowing users to control volume and swap songs through voice commands. Now talking to your favorite personal assistant is easier: simply say “Hey Siri” for assistance without having to reach your iPhone, and it will respond. This is made possible thanks to the H1 chip saving so much battery life that it can be listening for the magic wake words at all times.

Wireless Charging

The wireless charging case offers the freedom of Wireless Charging with Qi-compatible charging solutions, allowing you to place the case on a compatible wireless charging pad instead of plugging it in with a Lightning cable. A LED light indicator located on the front of the case conveniently shows the charge status with just a glance. The LED on the new wireless charging case is the main visible difference compared to the previous case.

How can I charge my new AirPods wirelessly?

Apple's Wireless Charging Case and second-generation AirPods can be charged with any Qi-compatible charging mat or stand. If you don't have one and are wondering which to buy, check out our roundup of Qi-compatible Wireless Chargers.

Woodie Hub


The Woodie Hub is our 5-in-1 charging station which is equipped with a Wireless Charging area where you can place your AirPods’ case to charge it! Also, you can connect 4 other devices thanks to 2 Universal AC Sockets and 2 USB ports.

Wireless Power Bank


The Wireless Power Bank is a portable power supply that you can carry everywhere and use it to charge both your smartphone and your AirPods wirelessly at anytime. Also, the built-in magnets assure perfect alignment with the smartphone for a brilliant and safe charging experience without cables even on-the-go

Solo Wireless Charger


Simply place our AirPods case on the Solo, our super-thin wireless charging pad to start charging our earbuds while giving a completely new look to your desk!


The new AirPods come with either the standard charging case - for the same $159 price as the previous generation - or the new Wireless Charging Case for $199. The company will also sell the wireless charging case separately for existing AirPod owners for $79. That way, users will be able to charge their headphones with a wireless charger without upgrading to the new model.

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