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Woodie Milano meets Chiara La Rotonda

Woodie Milano meets Chiara La Rotonda

Today we meet Chiara La Rotonda, a young journalist and tv host based in Milan who also works as a communication manager for several luxury brands.

Read the full interview below to find out more about her and to discover how our products are making her life easier!

1. When did you realize that communicating with people would be not only a passion but a real job?

Since I was a child, I liked writing and drawing, then growing up I discovered photography. Those are all forms of expression, so when I had to choose my course of study I had no doubts: communication and journalism.

Initially, I thought that writing for a newspaper was my own path, then I started working on TV in close contact with companies and people and I realized how inspiring it is. Now I am free to express myself and my creativity.

Chiara La Rotonda

2. In 2019, communication and advertising are focused on social media. Can you please explain in details what's your working approach in the digital era?

I work mainly with social media, especially Instagram. In a society where the appearance counts a lot, it is essential to have an impeccable image and nowadays this means a well-designed and updated website as well as curated contents on social media. And to do this you need to work with experts.

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Once, someone asked me what's the secret of a winning communication strategy: according to me, the secret is to see the light and make it shine, not to try to build something from nothing.

3. Authenticity still wins today. We live a transcendent era of change in terms of values and culture. What does it mean to be a woman who works and lives in Milan for you?

I love Milan, but it's a very tough city, especially if you decide to dictate the rules of your business. I am a young 30-year-old businesswoman it was not easy to be taken seriously and compete with the big agencies, but - trust me - working in a serious and professional way gives you results. Today I work with important companies and influencers thanks to the word-of-mouth and this makes me very proud.

4. You're full of enthusiasm and plans, what's your main goal for 2019?

In my opinion, it's very important to always be passionate about your work. I am very enthusiastic and I'm happy to impart my passion to the clients I work with. 2019 is a very important year for me because I want to expand my business, and I'm already doing it so I'm very happy!

By 2020 I would like to go beyond the Italian borders and start working with foreigner companies. I travel a lot and I believe that mixing different cultures is stimulating and it's a winning combination even in communication.


5. You're always on-the-go, how is the Woodie Wireless Power Bank helping you in your everyday life?

I can’t live without my Woodie Wireless Power Bank anymore. I constantly work with my smartphone: I write articles, I shoot and edit pictures. Nowadays smartphones are becoming a working tool, surpassing the camera. Charging my iPhone with the Woodie Wireless Power Bank is essential during my day because it allows me to never stop to charge my smartphone and, more importantly, it helps me void the "drama" of a sudden shutdown.

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