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Easy tips to increase and improve your iPhone battery life

Easy tips to increase and improve your iPhone battery life

iPhone batteries aren’t built to last, so you need to extend them as much as possible. Especially after having your phone for a few months, you may need to work hard to get that battery through the day. These helpful tips will get you there.

Turn off suggestions

Siri is great at coming up with suggestions for you. Unfortunately, her suggestions also cost you a lot of power. Go to settings and turn off Suggestions in Search and Suggestion in Look Up. This will stop Siri from going through your search and usage history to bring up the most useful auto fills for you. If you rely on her suggestions, this may be difficult to let go of, but typing a few extra letters yourself will save a lot of battery.

Stop closing apps

We all know how to force close apps nowadays – you hold down the home button and then flick away all of your open windows. Satisfying as this may be, it won’t get you anywhere. Every time you force close an app, you remove it from your operational memory. To open it again, your iPhone will use more battery power than it would if the app was simply left open.

Use low power mode

Another simple way to change your battery usage is to go to your settings and turn on low power mode. This saves you some power by turning down your screen brightness, disabling background load for emails, stopping automatic updates, and turns off some visual effects. If you have to use this every day, however, it might become tedious. After all, you won’t be getting the full use out of the phone that you paid for. Using a power bank would be a better option in this case.

Turn off notifications

Having notifications on your lock screen can use a lot of battery. They light up the screen and sit there until you read them, losing a significant portion of power each time. Go into your settings and turn off notifications for any apps you don’t need to hear from.

There are plenty of ways to extend your iPhone battery power, as well as yet more that we haven’t mentioned in this list. Running out of battery is your nightmare? We got you covered! Discover your Wireless Power Bank, the best ever power supply with built-in magnets to assure charging also on-the-go! 

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