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Green hotels: the latest and greatest ideas for eco-friendly hotels

Green hotels: the latest and greatest ideas for eco-friendly hotels

More and more tourists appreciate eco-friendly hotel ideas. Travelers are aware of the importance of environmental conservation and are increasingly seeking green hotels which support sustainable tourism.

The benefits for hotels not only concern the reduction of the impact on the environment and the saving of money, but also the image. Communicating to guests that they are in front of a hotel different from others, with quality products and attention to the environment will bring positive sensations in visitors becoming a possible competitive advantage.

Also, sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing luxury, and there are hotels around the world that remain committed to both protecting the land and eco-friendly practices, as well as upholding a high-level guest experience, from the design to the food.

Now, the big question is: “How do I become a sustainable hotel?” Here are just some of the best ways to make your hotel greener.

1. Educate your employees

First of all, educate your employees is key to putting your environmental policy into practice. You should consider appointing someone as responsible to oversee your sustainability efforts.

2. Conserve Energy

Start making a difference with just some simple changes in how your hotel uses energy. One way is to ensure that energy is not used in empty rooms. Another solution is to switch to environmentally friendly lighting, such as the long-lasting LED lights. In fact, normal incandescent light bulbs produce 95% heat and 5% light, while LED lights use around 10-20%.

3. Limit Water Waste

Water is a limited source, so the less water wasted the better. Simple ways to reduce water consumption include dual-flush toilets, low-flow taps and aerator shower fittings. Also, hotels can collect rainwater run-off to irrigate plants. Greywater harvesting can turn shower water into water for flushing, and leftover drinking water can be deployed in cleaning cycles.

4. Use environmentally friendly products

Think about switching to natural and organic products in biodegradable or recyclable packaging. Better yet, consider offering these items in bulk dispensers to cut back on needless waste. Also, forget about plastic and paper cups used for coffee and drinks and replace them with reusable glasses and mugs.

5. Serve Local Food

Not only eco-minded travelers but tourists in general are looking for local, season and healthy food. This is also a great way to bring people closer to your local community and its unique culture. Implementing just some of these sustainability efforts in your hotel or resort will help your business stay competitive, save money, and reduce your negative impact on the environment.

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