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New iPhones, an insight on the updated features

New iPhones, an insight on the updated features

Up to now it has been easy for me to resist the edge-to-edge screen. Still I did not feel like saying goodbye to my dear iPhone 6. It has been with me for three years without the slightest sign of failure, despite the dreaded update to the latest version of iOs. However, this time Apple is putting a strain on my loyalty.

As a matter of fact, rumor has it that Apple will announce not one, not two, but three new iPhones in just a matter of weeks.

iPhone XS

One of the three versions rumored for 2018 is an upgrade to the current iPhone X with the 5.8-inch OLED screen. This version is maybe about minor improvements, like we’ve seen from the iPhone 6 to the 6s or from the iPhone 7 to the 8. In fact the main changes will be to processing speed and the camera.

iPhone XS Max

Creating a smartphone with an even larger 6.5-inch OLED screen as a Plus version of the iPhone X, Apple would make it the largest iPhone by far and one of the biggest mainstream phones on the market. It will continue to have a glass back with stainless steel edges and its large chassis will be best equipped to dissipate the extra heat generated by faster wireless charging speeds.

Apple is also considering a dual-SIM card option in at least some markets. That feature would let travelers easily switch between a local carrier plan and a new country or coverage area.

iPhone XR

The two higher-end iPhones could be expensive. Just think that this year's iPhone X started at $999 and a Plus version could be even more expensive. That's why Apple is widely predicted to launch a version of the iPhone X that will be closer to $700-$800.

To keep costs down, it will reportedly have a 6.1-inch LCD screen instead of the OLED (leading to worse display quality), aluminum edges and a glass back like the iPhone 8 - not the flashier stainless steel used in the iPhone X. Apple is also expected to only include a single-lens camera compared to the double- or even triple-lens cameras on the higher-end models.

Features in common

The common dominator of the three different versions is the edge-to-edge display, replacing the fingerprint sensor with the Face ID, Apple's facial recognition software which unlocks the device and enables payments.

The phones will have an updated operating system which will include upgraded augmented reality capabilities, deeper integration of the Siri digital assistant, digital health monitoring and the ability to use Animojis in FaceTime.

Also, all three iPhones will support the Qi standard, which offers contact-based Wireless charging. Are you looking for the best Wireless charger? We’ve got you covered! Discover here what’s the best for you! Finally, there's been reports that the new iPhones could come with a more advanced charging brick that can fill up the phone's battery faster and include a new gold color option.


Apple hasn't officially announced when we'll see the next iPhone, but we bet on this September. So, if you need a new iPhone, you’d better wait a few weeks. We still don't know what the next iPhones will be called. iPhone 9? iPhone XI? Let us know your opinion down in the comments!

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