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Spike Jonze, the man behind the Apple HomePod commercial

Spike Jonze, the man behind the Apple HomePod commercial

Whether you like it or not, Spike Jonze music videos are masterpieces. The American director – and Academy Award winner – doesn’t miss a shot! So, after the eccentric spot for the Kenzo fragrance he realized another short film, this time an Apple advertisement.


The video

“Welcome home” - this is the title of Spike Jones video clip – it's a four-minute piece which introduces HomePod, Apple’s home assistant. It stars British singer FKA Twigs, who returns home in solitude after a hard work day and when she asks Siri to play a song, she starts dancing inside the apartment as it transforms into a surreal space. So, it’s merely one sentence spoken to the HomePod that changes her entire world.

Spike Jonze's interpretation

This Apple commercial represents the stereotype of the metropolitan man: a hard worker who lives in solitude in the outskirts. Only the smart speaker can transform his life into a colorful wonderland. The filmmaker conveys the idea that only HomePod can make your world better. And what do you think? Share this article and let us know your opinion!

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