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Tips and Ideas for your home design: choose the scandinavian style

Tips and Ideas for your home design: choose the scandinavian style

We know that the Swedes are always up to date about design and Lagom is the latest trend in Scandinavian style. It is a general approach to life which suggests focusing on what really matters, re-establishing balance with ourselves and the environment around us. It’s not only a Scandinavian home design trend, but also a way of seeing, acting and living all-encompassing.


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The term Lagom refers to a philosophical concept that contains the ideal of serenity of the Swedish people or moderation. No falls in excess, neither too much nor too little. But how can you have a house that respects this Scandinavian home design?

1.Quality is better than quantity and current trends

Tell the truth, do you already have enough of pink flamingos that have invaded our homes over the last year? Well, Lagom invites us not to be filled with objects that over time will lose their appeal, detaching from passing fads. Hence the need to rediscover the quality of objects and materials in their natural essence. An example? Wood, which in its simplicity expresses a timeless beauty.

2.Air and light

If you want to follow the Scandinavian style you have to shake up the spaces: get rid of all that is not essential and let air and light pass in large quantities. Your house will not appear neglected, in fact you will distinguish without exaggerating and even your psychophysical balance will benefit, try to believe it!


Attention to the environment is essential to Swedish people. Not only in terms of waste production and energy consumption but also in furniture. So rough wood and raw materials such as hemp and linen, as well as recycled materials. Finally, there must always be a green space to take care of, which will help you to keep the stress away and will make you feel closer to nature, in addition to make your home more beautiful and warm.
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