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The best home decorating tips to get a perfect industrial interior design

The best home decorating tips to get a perfect industrial interior design

In the past few years, industrial design has become increasingly popular thanks to its ability to achieve aesthetic balance. In fact, it is based on combining the best aspects of old-world charm with modern sleekness: it’s a perfect compromise.

In this article, we’ll show you how to design an industrial style space!

1. Start with a neutral color palette

One of the first things you’ll notice about industrial spaces is that there aren’t a lot of bold pops of colors. Instead, this style relies on rustic colors such as brown and beige. If your home includes exposed brick walls, cement floor or any wood, then you’re already halfway there.

2. Raw materials

Industrial furniture relies heavily on unfinished material. The simplest way to show some roughness is to leave some walls or surfaces unfinished, adding some rough metal elements that will create an industrial atmosphere. Scratches, knots, and nicks will add to the authenticity of the look.

3. Mix wood and metal furniture

Industrial spaces are all about mixing the old and the new. One of the simplest ways to do this is by combining different types of wood and metal.

Here is a tip for wood furniture: instead of searching for new, totally finished items, concentrate on finding furniture that looks like it has a history. Wood is an important element of the industrial design, make sure that you include a wood power strip in your space, you can find the right one here.

Also, be sure to add plenty of metal. Whether its metal windows, railings, metal furniture, and lighting galvanized metals and steel, it will combine brilliantly with the wood.

4. Sleek, metal and glass lighting

Lamps are one of the most iconic pieces of industrial design, those pieces of furniture often come in different categories:  floor lamps and pendants are liberally used throughout industrial design spaces for focused lighting.; track lights are a good option for ambient lighting of the industrial interior.

Industrial design gives you the freedom to embrace antique beauty while still enjoying modern conveniences. Do you agree? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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