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Woodie Milano meets MPZ

Woodie Milano meets MPZ

Today we meet MPZ, a young and promising producer and creative director based in Milan. Read the full interview below to find out where his passion for music comes from and to discover how our products are making his life easier!

1. Where does your passion come from? How did you know music had to be a part of your every day life?

My passion for music started with listening to songs my brothers and mother would play when I was growing up as a kid. It was my “safe place” whenever I would hear them that made me feel good.

Music has always been a part of me. I realized after working a few different jobs for a while that I couldn’t give 100% of my effort in something  that I don’t value as much or that I lack talent in. Everyone of us has something special about them, and music is what makes me, me.

I think to achieve success in this world one must understand what makes them different, consistency and hard work. If you’re missing one of these aspects, you can still get by but you won’t be able to make a real difference.

2. How would you define yourself today? Artist, producer, art director, which would you consider to be your main role?

Today, as always, trying to define what I do is not easy, I can say that I am still searching for a path that will challenge me every day and lets me do something that reflects my ambitions and inspires me to be my best self. I would say I’m a combination of all those things. To generalize, you could say I am an art director, which in and of its self makes me also an artist and producer.

3. What are your plans for the future? Do you have specific goals?

My plans are to continue to follow my intuition and continue to work hard not only for myself but for the people who believe in me. My main goal is to play and active role in the music industry and entertainment in general. There are a bunch of things I’m working on that I can’t speak on just yet, but I can assure you it will be surprising.

4. What role does design and style play in your work?

One thing I’ve learned in my experience is the importance of paying attention to details. In music it is even more important because it can lead to making something really special, but sometimes it can result in a waste of time and energy.

In general, I think style is very important and I always try to be up to date with the latest trends and fashion, even from some of the artists I follow and admire. In this case, Woodie to me is an example of intuition, simple design, but in high demand due to the premium materials, functionality and attention to details.

5. You spend a lot of time in the studio, how has Woodie helped you in your everyday life?

I spend a lot of time in the studio but also a lot of time out and about for work. I love to embrace and live my city to the fullest to see what else it might have to offer every day. I also buy into the school of thought that building a network and socializing is a critical strategy, especially today. You never know what can happen between people who share values and have different visions. All in all Woodie is an excellent partner in crime, with the Woodie Hub in the studio and the Wireless Power Bank when I’m on the go, it's easy to have access to power when I need extra juice for my phone and I can do so with style.

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