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Why hotels should choose wireless charging solutions?

Why hotels should choose wireless charging solutions?

The hospitality industry has to transform continuously in order to satisfy the changing needs of hotel guests and travelers. To keep up with the times, hotels should introduce Qi Wireless Charging in their offering to let “smart guests” work in a cool environment so they will not be concerned about where the next charge is coming from!

What do customers want now?

Customers expect an easy way to access power and wireless charging seems to be the perfect solution to fight against the “battery anxiety” phenomenon. Guests want to be able to regularly snack on power and this is a benefit for hotels because it means a longer stay in their lounges. 

Why Qi Wireless Charging is the best way?

Because it is:

Smart: Do it yourself!

Easy to use: Digital facilities for your needs!

Fast: Speed is the new black!

Cool: Combine all these features and masses of power cables will no longer be necessary!

Woodie Milano solution:


Woodie Hub represents the new frontier of Hotel Charging. Already adopted by many top class hotels (i.e. Mandarin Oriental Milano, Burj Al Arab, Chateau Monfort and others) the Woodie Hub combines a Qi Wireless Charging pad with 2 Universal AC-Sockets, 2 USB Ports and a made in Italy premium materials. You will be finally able to charge 5 devices in 1 without compromising on style while saving money on the purchase of ugly universal power strips. Check here to find the best solution for you!

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